Tami: Episode 50 Season 4

The show celebrates it' 50th episode! Tami talks to her lawyer about Nick's will, Yolanda meets the other woman, Heidi and Karlton talk about...

Tami Episode 49 season 4

Karlton tells Heidi some news, Claire returns from the hospital but is still keeping Mario in the dark , Kevin learns if he will...

Crowd left outside of Trudeau visit

A crowd of people hoping to take in Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's announcement this morning in Sault Ste. Marie was left out in the...

Tami: Episode 48 Season 4

Tami talks to Heidi about Yolanda's involvement with Nick, Luigi finds out that Claire is pregnant with his baby, while Mario is still clueless....

Tami: Episode 47 Season 4

Aiden and Jade worry about the secret they have concerning Ren. Kevin and Andy make their way to a wrestling ring for a job...

Tami: Episode 46 Season 4

Tami learns the truth about Nick disappearing years ago, Clive learns that Carrie-anne has her magic back and a fight breaks out in Bev's...

Tami: Episode 45 Season 4

Nick confesses to Tami on what happened to him, Claire and Mario discuss their future and Clive and Carrie-Anne meet at the park

Tami: Episode 44 Season 4

Heidi visits Yolanda, Tami starts drinking and then hears Nick, Mario returns home only to find Luigi is back in town too.

Tami: Episode 43 Season 4

Yolanda doesn't like Nick's idea, Tami worries if she's losing her mind, Claire and Bev discuss her pregnancy just asĀ  Luigi arrives back home.