tami-feb-24Yes you heard it right, the Sault has it’s own locally produced soap opera! Now in it’s fifth season, “Tami” follows the life of it’s main character Tami Rydall who is a popular internet and tv star right here in Sault Ste. Marie Ontario. Along with Tami Rydall who also produces the show, the soap stars local actors including, Sandra Dunn,Andy Martens, John W. Dukes, Aubrey Falls, Kevin Coller, Calna McGoldrick, Laurie Jarret, Mario Rocchetta, Angela Pezzotti Mike Caruso and several others in reoccurring roles.

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Directed by: Craig Huckerby



Tami Episode 51 Season 4

Yami and Clive find out the truth about Ren. Jacqueline's brother Allan shows up at Tami's house. Kevin discovers the true identity of Jimmy and what his plan is.

Tami: Episode 50 Season 4

The show celebrates it' 50th episode! Tami talks to her lawyer about Nick's will, Yolanda meets the other woman, Heidi and Karlton talk about their relationship. Aiden and Jade decide to tell their secret...

Tami Episode 49 season 4

Karlton tells Heidi some news, Claire returns from the hospital but is still keeping Mario in the dark , Kevin learns if he will be hired by Jimmy. Luigi talks with Claire about the...



Tami: Episode 40 Season 3 Finale

Bev and Mike have dinner but it turns into a heated argument, Claire finds finds...

Tami: Episode 39 Season 3

Yami and Carrie-Anne clash, meanwhile Tami declares war on Yolanda and Clive. Claire runs into...

Tami: Episode 37 Season 3

Yami doesn't understand why Ren had to leave, Carrie-Anne discovers Clive and Yolanda are having...

Tami: Episode 36 Season 3

Mike and Bev fall for each other, Detective Bond believes the Police Chief is involved...

Tami: Episode 35 Season 3

Luigi meets with his crime boss, Mike and Tami get lost looking for the Hunter's...

Tami: Episode 34 Season 3

Yami comes to terms that Shaylan is gone, Megan faints in Tami's basement, Bev and...

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