AHC 10km Mountain Bike Trail


The AHC would like to announce that our 10km mountain bike trail loop is now open for the season! A thick mat of leaves and debris were removed from the single track and we are happy to report that all 13 water crossings and board walks survived the spring melt down. A big Thank You to members of the Sault Cycling Club (Kim Chapman and John Myles) for coming out to remove nine fallen trees blocking the trail.

Download a copy of our single track trail map by following this link  http://www.algomahighlandsconservancy.org/index.cgi?page=whatsnew and going to the bottom of the “What’s New” page. Please leave your car in Stokely Creek Lodge’s main parking lot (just before the gate) and continue on bike/foot from there. Follow the green bike trail markers up homerun hill to begin your adventure. Trail use is free of charge in the spring, summer, and fall

Please note that this is a challenging technical trail that features significant climbs and thrilling descents. If you have any questions, please contact us by phone at 705-649-5751 or email [email protected]