Grand Gardens Assuming Ownership of the Riuniti

grand gardens

The Grand Gardens is thrilled to announce that as of Sept. 1st of this year, they will be assuming ownership of the Riuniti Hall on the corner of Great Northern Rd. and Fourth Line East. A recent post on their Facebook page states: “The building at 1324 Great Northern Road, now currently occupied by the Riuniti Hall, was bought by an outside investor. The Grand Gardens has been approached to operate this space as a banquet hall, as of September 1st, 2013. As a flourishing banquet hall downtown, taking over the space on Great Northern Road is a tremendous opportunity for growth and expansion.”

Currently The Grand Gardens is reaching out to anyone who has booked event(s) at the Riuniti after Sept. 1st in hopes of being able to honour as many of them as possible. To read the full posts, simply click here to be taken directly to their Facebook page. In the meantime, Sault Online would like to congratulate The Grand Gardens and we wish you guys the best on your new endeavor! 🙂