From Zombies to Well Placed Pies

bushplane zombie

This past weekend kicked off an exciting start to this year’s Halloween festivities. The Arts Council of Sault Ste. Marie & District held their 5th Annual Zombie Walk at the Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre on Saturday with plenty of food, live entertainment, face painting and games. Keeping with the theme, and despite a bit of unfavourable weather, many brave souls also tempted their fate in the zombie infested corn maze at Mockingbird Hill Farm.

rockstar cherry crush bandAs the evening progressed, zombies were the least of anyone’s worries as hundreds of ghosts, skeletons and even several Teds converged on numerous venues across the twin Saults. Both floors at the Algonquin seen capacities reached as Cherry Crush packed the dance floor at the RockStar and the DJ’s did the same downstairs at the Zoo.


kerry greg stag n doeThe Grand Gardens North (old Ruiniti) also saw plenty of action as Greg Simpson (Maxx Graphix, Maxx Entertainment, Stiffler’s Mom, Boneyard) and his bride-to-be Kerry Brydges Downing (PUC) celebrated their Halloween Stag & Doe with approximately 250 of their friends and family on hand to witness not one but both of them enjoying a couple of well placed pies. Congratulations on a very successful event guys!!! As a side note… the renovations are looking awesome GG 🙂

If you couldn’t make it to any of last weekend’s festivities or you’re just simply ready for more, another opportunity is fast approaching this Thursday as a number of venues are getting geared back up for Halloween night. As always, simply check out the Sault Online Community Events Calendar for categorized events happening in and around the twin Saults.

Wishing everyone a very safe and enjoyable Halloween!

– The Sault Online Team