From Books to Bands

cheryl alleway signing

After hearing about a local author who was holding a book signing down at the East Street Library this past Saturday, I made it a point to swing by and check it out. Cheryl Alleway was on hand with both paperback and hardcover copies of her book OF BLADE AND VALOR. After speaking with her for a few minutues, it was quite obvious what an amazing and inspirational person Cheryl was! When she asked who the book was for, I simply responded… the entire family. Now who will be lucky enough to be the first to read it is another story. With a huge smile, Cheryl assured me that there was something in the book for everyone to enjoy.

In the midst of war torn Scotland, a baby girl is born to Jacob Douglas and his young wife. The conflict between the English and the Scots breeds trials of loyalty that tarnish the landscape, while Jacob teaches his strong-willed child the skills she will need to face her uncertain future. Behind the veil of war, villains pillage their land, pilfer what is not theirs and do not fear retribution for their deeds. There is none strong enough to make a stand; no one, until Deb Douglas. Keeping her father close to her always, he radiates a courage that motivates her fight for freedom, for love, and for her land. Deb rallies those she meets to join her cause, which frees the secrets from her past that have been buried for many years. While destiny is all-knowing, Deb never backs down and faces it all with the courage of a man and the heart of a Scot!

If you haven’t picked up a copy yet, you can purchase autographed paperback and hardcover editions from her website at or a digital edition for your Kindle on Amazon.

stifflers momWith the days growing shorter and recent weather a bit dreary, we decided to head out for an evening of live entertainment. We made our way down to the Rock Star Bar where some friends had recently dusted off their instruments and added a few more favourites to their set lists. We were far from disappointed as Stiffler’s Mom, with a little help from DJ Daddy Kewl inbetween sets, had no issues keeping everyone up on the dance floor right up until 2am close. It’s always awesome to see talented local entertainers up on stage enjoying themselves just as much as those on the dance floor. Hopefully we will see more of Stiffler’s Mom in the coming months!

stifflers mom lightningAs a side note… Greg I still have no clue how, but I’m sure there will be a few bands envious of this lighting effect.