Sault Online Chronicles Life in the Sault

Your Sault Ste. Marie, Your Stories

“So what’s this whole Sault Online thing about anyway?” is a question that both Bruce and I hear now and then.  Usually our simple answer is that we’re an event listing site primarily, but we also offer a localized (and completely private) social network for the Sault.  As time goes on and we start to fully realize exactly where we’d like to take SaultOnline, the definition gets a little grander than just being a website to find something to do and someone to do things with.

Take for example our charity auction.  Since the inception of Sault Online, we’ve always kept the tenants of charity and good-will as important fundamentals of how we’d like to direct our little site.  It’s our hope that SaultOnline will be an online meeting place, to find information on events, to help one another through acts of good-will, and to deliver the “feel good” stories about things in our community; a concept that is so lacking in conventional media.

This sense of community cannot be understated when talking about the themes of our site and the goals that we have.  So this is where we ask you, our community, to participate in SaultOnline and make it yours.  We’re asking for YOUR STORIES happening in the community.  We want you to tell us what’s been going on in your side of the Sault.  What good works have happened, what events are coming up that you’re excited for, what’s something that you wish to see in our community?

So if you are someone who likes to write, or know someone who would be interested in adding to our community articles, get a hold of us by emailing [email protected] or giving us a call at 705.256.8777.  We’d love to hear from businesses, promoters, charities, groups, sports spectators, bar goers, hobbyists – anyone who has a story to tell.  It doesn’t have to be professionally written, or does it have to be deeply profound or exciting; we just want to hear about your experience.

Together we can chronicle what goes on in our beautiful city and surrounding areas and tell a collective story of life in the Sault.