We are One Inch Closer to Ending Polio

polio students

Local Highschool Students Take Action

Pictured Left: Riley Lypps, Chirstopher Nedeau, Katherine Deguire, Bryanna Matheson, Zach McLean and Jill Inch

Students of Superiour Heights High School are taking up the fight against Polio as Rotary International starts its final big push to wipe out the crippling disease. Over the past month they have been selling t-shirts and mittens while planning a spagetti dinner fundraiser for the End Polio Now campaign.

It all started months ago in Jill Inch’s World Issues class as these young people explored the different issues that influence our day to day lives. As part of the class, Ms. Inch helped the students choose a cause to put their efforts behind and get their hands dirty.


“I try to always pick an organization that is legitimate. I have to know that our money is going towards a really solid organization. [Rotary] has been in business forever. These are business people that volunteered and they are committed to certain projects that I teach about in my world issues class. We teach about things like the need for clean water, peace and conflicts, disease… most of the issues we talk about on an international level are tied to Rotary. There are a number of my students that want to do volunteer work in their future and this is an opportunity to meet and see a volunteer organization in their community that does activities locally as well as internationally,” comments Inch.

If you would like to help support these young you can contact the Superior Heights Vocational School to place your order. The dinner takes place tomorrow evening at Superior Heights High School. Tickets are selling out quickly so please place your order soon.

  • T-shirts: $15
  • Mittens: $5
  • Dinner Tickets: $15

Rotary is a global humanitarian organization with more than 1.2 million members in 34,000 Rotary clubs in over 200 countries and geographical areas. Rotary members are men and women who are business, professional and community leaders with a shared commitment to make the world a better place through humanitarian service. Rotary’s top priority is the global eradication of polio.

To learn more about polio eradication, including how to participate in this historic effort, visit http://www.endpolio.org.