What does the Moose, Esquire Club & Rock Star Bar have in common?


A great evening celebrating my son’s 19th Birthday!

Friday, Nov. 8th, 2013

Everybody remembers their 19th birthday milestone – some with huge smiles and others with a subtle sigh. For my son Devan, it couldn’t come soon enough! Where most people would think his excitement would stem from finally being able to order a drink, his came from finally being able to enjoy the live entertainment he has heard his parents mention so often throughout the years. When asked what he would like to do for his 19th birthday, he was quick to note that most of his friends have yet to hit this exciting milestone but he would love to go out on a crawl with mom, dad and Joel!

A quick glance at the Community Events Calendar here on SaultOnline and it was easy to plan an evening…


After mentioning that it sure would be nice to celebrate his grandson’s 19th by buying him his first beer, we made our way to the Moose Family Centre down on Trunk Road. We were all surprised to see about a dozen musicians jamming and singing to some old time favourites. Having grew up in a large fairly musical family, it was awesome to sit back and listen to a variety instruments from acoustic and electric guitars to mandolins and harmonicas. What was even more gratifying was watching the look on a 19 year old’s face as he obviously enjoyed every minute.

Don’t take our word on it, everyone is welcome to stop by every Thursday and Friday evening to take in a jam session. Have a song you haven’t heard in a long time, simply mention it and they will do their best to play it!

Esquire-BoxCar-01After spending an hour or so over at the Moose Family Centre, we headed over to the Esquire Club where an old friend of ours Mike Blair was entertaining a packed house with his band Boxcar Junction. It was obvious that Mike, Steve and Rick were on their game as usual, the dance floor remained packed for the hour or so we were there. Thanks again Mike for taking the time to sit through an intermission to help celebrate our special occassion! If you haven’t had a chance to listen to them yet, Boxcar Junction plays a number of favourites across a variety of genres. You can visit them on the web at www.boxcarjunction.ca or on their Facebook Page.

Rockstar-ThinIce-01Next on the itinerary was the Rock Star Bar where we found Thin Ice in the middle of a set with special guest Ric Datsun sitting in for Mark Mizzi on drums. With ZZ Top performing at the Essar Centre we thought getting a table was going to be a sure thing. Not so… the place was packed as Thin Ice played hit after hit to an absolutely packed dance floor. Roman was even waiving the cover charge for anyone with a ZZ Top Ticket stub. A special thanks to Roman, James and Stephanie for helping to show Devan just how much fun you can have on a Friday Night in Sault Ste. Marie!

Be sure to plan you’re next night out by taking a look at all the events listed righ here on the SaultOnline.com Community Events Calendar!

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