Pretend it’s Summer in the Sault and Win $100


Sault Online is running a photo contest where you can win some cool cash prizes to warm you up this winter. Simply send in a picture keeping with the theme “Pretend it’s Summer” and you can win up to $100.

With this January thaw, we get excited thinking about sandy beaches, lounging in the sun, and tall refreshing beverages. Most people when filled with these thoughts will book a vacation somewhere with a hotter climate. Not us. We think photo contests. Sorry kids.

What do you do?


Using the above picture as an example, we’d love to see your creativity in staging a picture that MUST include the following:

1.) A summer scene (outdoors)
2.) Proof that it wasn’t grabbed off the net by including the words “Sault Online” somewhere in the scene.  (not watermarked)

Points will be given for originality, humour, and keeping with the theme of “Pretend it’s Summer”.

How do you play?

Here’s what you have to do to participate:
1.) Make sure you’re a member of Sault Online and resident of the Algoma area
2.) Head over to our “Pretend it’s Summer Photo Contest” form
3.) Fill all fields out correctly including your Sault Online username
4.) Include your photo in the file upload field
5.) Submit!

Pictures that we receive will be posted on Sault Online as we receive them. Entries will be accepted from January 13th – February 1st 2014.

How do you win?

On February 2nd we’ll add each picture to our Facebook fan page. The pictures that receive the most “likes” will win prizes. Voting will end on February 8th at 11:59pm. Winners will be announced on February 9th.

What are the prizes?

Here’s the prize breakdown:
– $100 for the first place winner.
– $50 for the second place winner.
– One prize of $25 given randomly for anyone who votes on a picture.

So do your best, get creative, and get your family and friends to vote for you. There is also the matter of good taste, anything that is not safe for work or children will be discluded. We reserve the right to make this judgement – so keep things clean. Furthermore, please don’t put yourself into any real danger while taking your photographs; we don’t want to be responsible for hypothermia or hospital visits.

Best of luck to all participants


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