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Musicians, send me your gig info

Wed. 15th

Thurs. 16th

Fri. 17th

Sat. 18th

  • Britta Wolfert @ Searchmont
  • Jack Pine Trio @ Water Tower Pub – Rusty gets his axe into some Roots Rock w the Pugh and Gough team.

Mark Gough of the ugh Bros. wants to share this video reminder to never stop dreaming ( even at age 11)

Wed. 22nd

Fri. 24th

Sat. 25th

Wed. 29th

Fri. 31st


AD Al Davis / AW Al Wood / BG Bryan Gilmartin / BW Britta Wolfert / CA Cliff Alloy / DW Doug Wilde / FD Frank Deresti / JD Jay Dinsdale /JH Jeff Holmes / JN Josh Norling / KMc Kyle McKey / LP Lindsay Pugh / LW Lise White / MG Mark Gough / MD Marc Dubruille / MV Martin Virta / MY Mike Yurich / M&M Martin & Marc D / RM Rusty McCarthy / RR Rachelle Risling

live music sm

Club Notes

Always Bands @

Regies – All Week
Water Tower Pub
RockStar – Wed/Fri/Sat
Docks – Fri/Sat
Esquire – Fri/Sat
Rosie – Fri/Sat
New A – Thurs/Fri/Sat

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sault blues society

Holger Petersen, host of CBC Radio’s Saturday Night Blues, gives us the goods on his top 5 blues albums of 2013.

And if you’re looking for more, check out our full top five albums list, by genre, for 2013.

1. North Mississippi Allstars, World Boogie is Coming (Songs of the South)
This two-CD set includes a video documentary. It’s fresh and traditional at the same time, keeping the Mississippi hill country sound alive with distinctive guests Robert Plant and Othar Turner.

2. Buddy Guy, Rhythm & Blues (Sony)
When he’s motivated, Buddy Guy never fails to set the bar for both talent and intensity in his performances. Listen to his 27th studio album, Rhythm & Blues, below.

3. Eric Bibb, Jericho Road (Warner)
Moving from strength to strength, Eric Bibb continues to expand the blues and roots music genres. His songs of freedom and hope ring true during these spiritually tough and cynical times. Watch an interview with Bibb about his exceptional album, below.

4. James Cotton, Cotton Mouth Man (Fontana North)
It’s so great to see James Cotton still at it, and getting the recognition he deserves. A pioneer who plays with deep passion and joy.

5. MonkeyJunk, All Frequencies (Warner)
A band that combines great playing, vocals and strong material with creative arrangements, while still leaving room for improvisation.

my two cents

DONUT STOP – Dont let the name fool you they bake their own great old fashioned cakes, Pies, Butter tarts ..yummmmmm
Every Sunday I hanker for a good old ‘full breakfast’, and ultimatly I head down to Jude’s Donut Stop at 2nd line and Goulais Rd. $7.25 gets you fresh home made baked bread toasted, 2 eggs, sausages, home fries and coffee. All of it delicious with nice friendly service. and did i mention free WIFI. C’ant be beat. Give it a spin.

TANDOORI GARDEN ( Old Mary’s lunch)
North East Indian Chefs, Khan and Reana do nothing but please the customers. This is great tasting ethnic fare we northerners dont often get a chance to taste. Even in ”little India’ Toronto you’d be hard pressed to find this level of kit.

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