Bon Soo 2014 – Opening Day


With the sun out in full force, I took the opportunity to head on down to the Bon Soo Tim Hortons Winter Playground at the Roberta Bondar Pavilion just ahead of the evening festivities. Final preparations were well under way for the opening of the Bum Slides, chopping wood for Br. Bon Soo’s custom heaters and readying the stage.

Upon returning just in time for the start of the Opening Ceremonies, and despite temperatures dropping as the sun dipped below the horizon, people of all ages were out in full force with kids laughter eminating from the Bum Slides as others took up positions under the Pavilion. After opening speeches came to a close, Studio Dance Arts put on a performance that simply electrified the atmosphere just ahead of very entertaining show by Zero Gravity Circus.

The opening ceremonies for this year’s Bon Soo Winter Carnival came to a finally with the OLG Fireworks Extravaganza lighting up the sky over the Waterfront.

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