Bon Soo Polar Bear Swim 2014


When you mention Bon Soo to anyone whether a local or from out-of-town, the first thing that seems to come to mind is the famous Polar Bear Swim! This years’ event will definitely keep the Bon Soo Spirit alive, people smiling and stories to pass along for quite some time!  People of all ages showed up by the hundreds to participate, dawning a variety of attire, costumes and even body painting. If I’m not mistaken, there were even a few from a handful of other countries!

The Bon Soo Executive and major sponsor OLG were on hand to welcome both participants and spectators alike while Greg Simpson from Maxx Entertainment provided some music to keep the atmosphere energized. As always, the awesome support of the Sault Search & Rescue was a comforting sight for participants, with the staging tent already at what must have been a balmy 40 degrees Celsius! As last minute preparations were underway to skim off any remaining ice from the plunge hole, safety divers were on hand to ensure everyone had nothing to worry about besides simply having fun with this timeless tradition!

As the first participant made his way across the ice to take the epic “plunge”, spectators of all ages lined the safety barricades chanting encouragement. A steady flow of people, singles, doubles and even groups just kept coming as they passed their wet (but refreshed) co-participants in a mad dash for the warmth of the staging tent. It wasn’t long before Mr. Bon Soo made his way over to the plunge hole where he and Kerrie De Poli offered up additional words of encouragement and even big ole Mr. Bon Soo hugs!

We did our best to capture photos of almost everyone who participated before it became more than a bit challenging to operate the camera (over 850 shots were taken). In addition to the few photos featured in this story, you can view more by simply heading over to the Bon Soo Sault Social group where you’ll find even more. Check back over the next day or so as we are continuing to process photos with the intention of posting at least one shot of each participant.

See a photo you like? Simply send an email to [email protected] and we will be happy to provide the hi-res original as well as any other shots captured in the series. This way you can continue to share your refreshing Bon Soo moments.

Both Joel and I had a blast taking in as many events as possible this year and look forward to seeing everyone again next year at Bon Soo 2015 !!!

A massive THANK YOU goes out to Mr. Bon Soo, the Executive Team, Sponsors and the many other volunteers which make Bon Soo happen each year, powered by Proud Community Spirit. You guys are the best!