Here’s what you missed the opening weekend of Bon Soo

Sault Online at Bon Soo

“Why can’t someone wrap me up and pull me around in a sled?” my daughter asked during Bon Soo’s opening night this past Friday. I shook my head and headed into the Tim Horton’s Winter Playground to kick off the first weekend of the Sault’s winter festival.  I was happy to have been able to be able to enjoy a few events over the weekend to take some pictures and join in on the festivities.

Friday night’s opening was a cold one, but winter revelers braved the frigidity and packed under the Roberta Bondar tent to witness Mr. Bon Soo and featured entertainment take the stage. Admittedly, everything that has been orchestrated by the Bon Soo team has been extremely impressive and first-rate, and the opening ceremonies were no exception.

But feet being feet seem to freeze before any other part of the body; this fact being especially true for 12 year old daughters. We left a little earlier than I had hoped for to repair the damage of toes which were “totally falling off, Dad”.

Lo, on Saturday morning I was woken by my cell phone which did not want to relinquish its summon. Bruce, clamoring like a child on Christmas day, was already talking excitedly about the upcoming events. Trying to shake off the fog of awakening, I understood a few words: “Canoe…I woke my entire house up early…dog pull…” I took Bruce’s mustering on faith and I quickly headed down to Foster Drive for another round of snowy celebration.