Here’s what you missed the opening weekend of Bon Soo


A quick pit stop at home, and we headed over to the Bushplane Museum to take a couple pictures of the featured event “Mustang Sally celebrates the music of GLEE, with special guests, The Pine Tones”.

Now there’s something that I’m going to have to come clean with before I continue.

I’ve been a resident of the Soo on and off my entire life…and I have never been inside the Bushplane Museum. I feel like standing up in front of a crowded room and introducing myself with that statement. “My name is Joel, and I’ve never been inside the Bushplane Museum.”

But there I was, entering the museum after walking through the parking lot which contained every car in Sault Ste. Marie. I greeted the attendant who was very courteous in directing me toward the main venue. Not wanting to spoil the inevitable tour that I knew I must make in the very near future, I raised both hands to the side of my head, fashioning a rather crude horse-blinder to ensure the exhibits were excluded from my peripheral view. In short, the venue was incredible, the sound was explosive and clear, the lights were outstanding, and the performance was excellent.

I had an incredibly fun weekend. The sense of community pride and togetherness was completely moving to me. Not to mention the quality of sleep I experienced. Who knew that the fresh air and bopping from event to event can help a man sleep so well. I dreamt of clear blue skies, white snow, kids laughing, Mr. Bon Soo, and alpacas.

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