Sault North Supports Recycling


If there’s one thing that I’ve always said about the residents of Sault North Area is that they’re really good at recycling.  Actually, I’ve never said that, but it turns out it’s completely true.

How efficient is the Sault North Area at making sure recyclables that can be reused do not end up in a landfill?  Sault North Waste Management Council says the numbers are quite substantial:

 Goulais River, ON,– The results are in – in 2013, the residents of the Sault North Area kept 100 tons of recyclables from going to the dump! This is twice the amount of recyclables collected in 2012 and 2.5 times more than were collected in 2011.  Sault North, continue to keep up the good work!  

The Sault North Waste Management Council continues to help Sault North Residents manage their waste through Ontario’s only volunteer run curbside recycling program.  The Sault North Waste Management Council is a volunteer run charitable organization working to develop a long-term environmentally sustainable and socially responsible waste management and environmental protection system for the 2400 km2 Sault North Area.   

Waste management is a municipal responsibility but in unincorporated areas like Sault North, no government agency is responsible for providing it. If no waste management facilities are available, the Sault North Area will no longer be viable as a community because businesses will be forced to close and no further land development will be allowed.

There are only two landfill sites left in Sault North and both are continuing to fill.  The Sault North Waste Management Council and our innovative volunteer run recycling program is helping to keep the Havilland Waste Disposal Site open by recycling and reducing the amount of garbage intake. Since the recycling program started in 2007, over 6100 cu yards have stayed out of the dump.  This effort as well as other changes have increased the remaining lifespan of the dump from less than 1 year to 25 years.

“The Sault North Waste Management Council is working hard save our dump, protect our environment and our economy.” says Holly Hughes, Council Chair

 If you would like more information about this topic, you can contact Holly Hughes at (705) 251-6000 or email at [email protected]