Saultites Pack Essar Centre for Epic Win

Essar Centre Hosts Team Jacobs Olympic Curling Final

Despite challenging driving conditions as a mixed bag of weather hit the Sault early Friday morning, many Saultites rose early to head to various venues around town including the Essar Centre. Our own home town champs, Team Jacobs, were out for the gold against Great Britain. As I too readied myself to head down to the Essar Centre, I turned on the TV on to catch up on Olympic recaps. As I walked out the door, all I could do was chuckle listening to a reporter talking about how British papers were circulating with comments like “the Canadians are too heavy on their brooms”.

After a futile attempt to find a parking spot at the Essar Centre, I found myself walking from the Station Mall parking lot just outside of Sears. School buses were continuing to pull in, shuttling area students dawning everything from red & white clothing to signs and various other favours. Upon making my way through the facility to find a good vantage point, an army of staff were busy handing out free hot chocolate and popcorn to what seemed to be a never ending line at concessions. Cheers echoed loudly from both the stands and concourse as spectators were fixated on the Jumbotron where Team Jacobs continued to increase their lead over Great Britain.

One couldn’t help but feel an enormous sense of pride as Saultites of all ages came together to support Brad Jacobs and his team. Every point they skillfully earned yielded even louder responses from spectators as signs were held high and a wave began to circulate around the stands. It didn’t seem that long before Great Britain conceded to Team Jacobs victory after eight ends with a 9-3 lead. I thought to myself, “guess Brad and his team remembered to bring their lighter brooms today”.

Congratulations on bringing home Canada’s 23rd Gold Medal Team Jacobs! You’ve made both the Sault and Canada proud!!!