Congratulations to the 2014 Gathering at the Rapids Pow Wow Winners

Gathering at the Rapids Pow Wow

Algoma University, the Anishinaabe Initiatives Division (AID), and the Shingwauk Anishinaabe Students’ Association (SASA) are pleased to announce the 2014 Gatherings at the Rapids Pow Wow winners, from this past weekend’s event held at the George Leach Centre (GLC) on the University’s campus.

“The 9th Annual Gathering at the Rapids Pow Wow was a big success. I am very pleased with all those who participated in the two-day event, and who shared with the community their pride in their culture and heritage. Approximately 2000 people attended the event, making it one of the most successful pow wows we have had on campus to date! We hope to see everyone at next year’s event,” said Anishinaabe Events Coordinator Margaret Neveau.

The University, AID, Anishinaabe Events Coordinator Margaret Neveau, and SASA, which is comprised of the executive and student members of the University and Shingwauk Kinoomaage Gamig (SKG), would like to acknowledge and thank their partners, the Métis Nation of Ontario, the Indian Friendship Centre, and their sponsors, Turtle Concepts, Waabinong Head Start Family Resource Centre, the Algoma University Alumni Association, Algoma University First Generation Project, the Shingwauk Residential School Centre, the head staff, eagle staff and flag carriers, drum groups, dancers, vendors, and firekeeper. The committee would also like to extend a warm Chi-Miigwetch to the many volunteers who helped make the large-scale event a huge success.

For a complete list of the winners, please see below.

Youth Girls’ Jingle (6-12)
First: Niibishens Trudeau, Ojibway
Second: Madison Bartol, Pottawatomi
Third: Kitahna, Pima/Oneida/Menominee

Youth Girls’ Fancy (6-12)
First: Micayla Silas, Pima/Oneida/Menominee
Second: Francesca Pheasant
Third: Paungbiisohn Trudeau, Ojibway

Youth Boys’ Traditional/Chicken (6-12)
First: Hayden Recollet, Odawa
Second: Tanner Southwind, Ojibwe
Third: Tsista Kennedy, Ojibwa/Oneida

Youth Boys’ Grass (6-12)
First: Tavynn Bluff-Trudeau
Second: Gegek Webkamigad, Potawatomi/Odawa

Youth Boys’ Fancy (6-12)
First: Layakwas Kennedy, Oneida/Ojibway
Second: Wassnodeh Recollet, Arapaho/Ojibway
Third: Wiingashk Shawana, Ojibwa

Teen Girls’ Jingle (13-17)
First: Dalla Shinos, Ojibwe
Second: Maya Schuyler, Oneida/Odawa
Third: Aiyana Nahwegahbow, Ojibway

Teen Girls’ Fancy (13-17)
First: Annie Wemigwans

Teen Boys’ Traditional/Chicken (13-17)
First: Noodin Shawanda, Odawa/Cree
Second: Mathew Oshkabewisens, Odawa

Teen Traditional (13-17)
First: Beedoskah Stonefish, Odawa/Chippewa

Teen Boys’ Grass (13-17)
First: Miisheen Meegwun Shawanda, Odawa/Cree
Second: Jenmee Bondy, Ojibwe
Third: Wyatt Bell, Ojibwe

Golden Age Women (50+)
First: Karen Pheasant
Second: Maretta Jones, Ojibway
Third: Carol Hermiston

Golden Age Men (50+)
First: Tim McGregor
Second: Ray Trudeau
Third: Dennis Francis, Saulteaux/Cree

Adult Women’s Traditional (18-49)
First: Kristol Abel, Ojibway
Second: Melissa Montoya, Ojibwe
Third: Tara Trudeau, Ojibway
Fourth: Bernadette Shawanda, Ojibwe/Odawa
Fifth: Angel Recollet Tarbox, Ojibwe

Adult Women’s Jingle (18-49)
First: Shannon Manitowabi, Ojibway
Second: Maia Chivis, Ojibwe
Third: Sophie Pheasant Jones, Potawatomi/Ojibway
Fourth: Sonja Killips, Ojibwe
Fifth: Heather Schuyler, Oneida/Odawa

Adult Women’s Fancy (18-49)
First: Tracy Recollet, Odawa/Ojibway
Second: Rose Track, Pima/Assiniboine/Sioux
Third: G’Mewin Migwans, Ojibwe
Fourth: Kari Dayfox, Ojibwe
Fifth: Deanna Cachagee

Adult Men’s Traditional/Chicken (18-49)
First: Joe Syrette, Ojibwe
Second: Bryden Kiwenzie, Ojibwe
Third: Jan Ritchie, Ojibway
Fourth: Craig Fox, Ojibwe
Fifth: Michael Fisher, Ojibway

Adult Men’s Grass (18-49)
First: Matthew Pheasant, Ojibway
Second: David Trudeau, Ojibway
Third: Frank Jackson, Ojibway
Fourth: Keith Edgar, Odawa/Potawatomi
Fifth: Raymond Shenosheg, Odawa

Adult Men’s Fancy (18-49)
First: Marquel Crawford, Lakota/Ojibwe
Second: Nigel Schuyler, Oneida/Odawa
Third: Wesley Cleland, Ojibway
Fourth: Tyrone Shawanda, Ojibwa
Fifth: Paskwa Lightening, Cree

Old Style Jingle Dress Special Sponsored by Turtle Concepts
First: Karen Pheasant
Second: Liz Eshkibok
Third: Sophie Pheasant-Jones
Fourth: Kristol Abel
Fifth: Shannon Mabitowabi

One Man Hand Drum Competition (13-17)Sponsored by Turtle Concepts
First: Logan Syrette
Second: Dion Syrette

Teen Boys Traditional (13-17) Special Sponsored by: Algoma University Alumni Association
First: Noodin Shawanda
Second: Miisheen Meegwum Shawanda
Third: Mathew Ashkabewisens

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