In The Loop with Candidates David Poluck and Luke MacMichael

In the Loop

Candidates David Poluck and Luke MacMicheal are doing something different as ward three candidates this election year.

As long time residents and now candidates in the race for ward three, we are no strangers when it comes to municipal affairs. It is our belief that we are doing something that most people would find unusual… associating and working together during an election.

We both as candidates feel strongly that good communication is the key element when it comes to good representation and recognize the value of how combining their resources and experiences can effectively be able to gather information and reach out more effectively to the residents of ward three and find out what is important and seek ward participation.

Working within a formula simply defined as identify, research, act and reassess they are now bringing forward a short public survey to collect the data and opinions of their fellow ward neighbours and is worded in a clear and neutral fashion. The object is to discover what respondents think, not to influence or alter it but capture the commonplace facts that many people express one way or the other on the survey questions.

Why a survey?

We both agree that a survey is an effective tool to discover what’s going on in a non-threatening environment and learn about what motivates ward respondents to what’s important to them. Communicating with ward respondents allows for deeper insight and can shed light on topics related within a larger context helping to prioritize actions based on objective data rather than relying on subjective feelings. Studying gathered objective information is a key to making sound data-driven decisions that are important to the ward ratepayers.
Surveying provides a “snapshot” of the ward and their attitudes. This helps to establish a baseline from which a comparison can be made whether ward attitudes and perception are getting better or worse over time.

It is our shared belief of both that it is important to work at the grassroots level with other ratepayers to think of creative ways to re-engage the citizenry on important municipal issues and where we fit in when it comes to municipal affairs. The efforts are aimed at not only spurring more citizen engagement at municipal election time, but also in between elections.

Results of this survey will be made public for further discussion and we encourage those that have an interest in Ward 3 communication improvements or any other matter to contact us [email protected] or 705-253-2645 and [email protected] or 705-253-4280.

Link to Survey