The Sault has a Soap!?


Yes you heard it right, the Sault has it’s own locally produced soap opera! Now in it’s second season, “Tami” follows the life of it’s main character Tami Rydall who is a popular internet and tv star right here in Sault Ste. Marie Ontario.

The Plot

Tami’s life has been a little bumpy lately due to her long lost husband being declared dead after going missing on a sail boat in Lake Superior. Tami inherited wealth as a result but now faces the world alone. She is surrounded by a cast of characters from her family, friends and co-workers but it’s her twin sister Yami that Tami is in no hurry to reconnect with. The plot continues with its twists and turns. It turns out Yami is a witch and Tami’s life long friend Shaylan her long lost daughter and a witch as well, albeit a good one!

Directed by: Craig Huckerby

Along with Tami Rydall who also produces the show, the soap stars local actors including, Sandra Dunn, Shaylan Spurway, Kevin Coller, Calna McGoldrick, Laurie Jarret, Mario Rocchetta,Angela Pezzotti Mike Caruso and several others in reoccurring roles.

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