Ah Shucks *Blushing*, Thanks Colleen @ Sault Scuba!


Colleen Bennett, the owner of Sault Scuba, sent us the following note along with a request to share it with everyone. Thanks for putting a massive smile on our faces Colleen!

Hi, I am Colleen Bennett, the owner of Sault Scuba Centre Ltd.

If anyone knows me, they will tell you that I am totally computer phobic. However, I am slowly being brought into this medium more & more, and being pleasantly surprised.

Recently, an article was published on Sault Online entitled “One More Before Summer!” about the fantastic experiences one can discover though learning how to SCUBA Dive, as seen through the eyes of an active diver, Bruce Clement. The article mentioned , if you wanted to learn to dive for this summer, that I was starting one more class later this month.

Within two days of the article being published, a new student signed up for the course. I asked him where he had heard of the course & he said he read the article on Sault Online… People read SAULT ONLINE… check it out. They have great stories and the community events calendar is a good place to find out what’s going on or plan an event. Like myself, they keep improving & evolving into something better…

Keep your fins wet…

Colleen Bennett