Be the First 10 and Get Your Smoke’s Gourmet Poutine Free!

Smokes Poutinery Grand Opening
Bruce Clement /

The World’s Largest & Original Poutinerie is preparing to open here on the Ontario Sault side tomorrow, Monday April 13th at 11am. If that didn’t put a smile on your face, the first 10 customers will receive their meals for free and have their claim to fame posted on the Smoke’s Poutinerie Twitter and Facebook Pages!

Owner/Operators, Paul and Mandy Fowler, invited SaultOnline to their new location this past Saturday to look around and try out this favourite Canadian comfort food. Located just a few doors down from Top Hat, Smoke’s Poutinerie was packed with VIP guests admiring both the decor and the many varieties of poutine available.

After taking a look around and enjoying the fun retro atmosphere, we had the opportunity to try out the Bacon Cheesburger and Chili Cheesesteak poutines. Both were absolutely delicious! The menu had something for everyone with a variety of Traditional, Pork, Chicken, Beef and even Vegetarian dishes available. And for the pièce de résistance, they have a great selection of Pop Shoppe sodas chilling! Ah… the fondest memories of Mom treating us with a visit to the Pop Shoppe where we could hand pick all our favourites.

Sault Online’s Craig Huckerby had a chance to speak with Paul Fowler, a few members of his team and some very satisfied VIP guests:

Best wishes from the entire team here at Sault Online Paul & Mandy!

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