Is There A UFO Hanging Around The Sault?


There’s something strange happening over Lake Superior according to local resident, Karen Benford.

Benford tells SaultOnline that she started to see an “orb-like” object while at her cottage at Batchawana.

“The first time I saw it was January 2, 2014 out in Batchawana. My mom noticed it first from the living room window. It was around 8 pm. A few of us got in my car and took our phones to see if we could record it.” Benford said.

“We watched it for about 2 hours from the Government Dock in Batch. It stayed in one spot, just changing colour. We then noticed a couple smaller ones behind us, but they weren’t quite as noticeable as this one” Benford continued, “The strange thing was as we were coming back from dropping off my cousin, we noticed a large white glowing dome on the bay. We didn’t know what it was because where it was located didn’t have ice on the bay so It wasn’t snowmachine lights. When we got home, my mom said that she saw something flash from the sky toward the lake, so I’m assuming this is what the result of that was.”

Benford says that she does believe in UFO’s but has never seen one before. Since the January incident she now keeps her eyes on the sky.

“Then second time we saw it was on Family Day weekend. It was in the same spot in the sky, around 730 pm. I took my camera and zoomed in on it and took a video. It’s a bit shaky due to wind and the zoom that I had on it. It’s always multi coloured kind of like those strobe lights they have in bars. It constantly changes colours and when you look at it through binoculars it looks like there are webs or something through it. I tried different areas in Batchawana to see if I could get a more clear video, but after the first time, my camera wouldn’t focus. The colours change so fast, it’s amazing. “

Benford joins others in Northern Ontario that have seen similar unexplained objects in the northern sky according to a website based in Sudbury that has been tracking Unidentified Flying Objects for a number of years dating back to 1995.

“I’ve seen it on many occasions since, in the Soo, but when I try and zoom in on them, my camera focus won’t work.” Benford told SaultOnline.

Benford doesn’t really know what she saw and continues to see as recent as April 8th when she claims she saw it again pulsating over the Sault.

“I don’t know what it is. I’ve searched the internet and found that people have similar experiences and similar videos. They’ve captured it on Lake Ontario and Lake Erie, in California, Nevada. Very similar to what I saw.” Benford said, “The only other thing I can think of that it could be are drones. But I don’t know how to find out if we have them here. There are 3 very distinct ones that I see every night now. Looks bigger than a star and they never have any stars around them. If you look up at the clear sky, you can see them changing colour where as a star doesn’t. I know the first time we saw it there were 7 of us that witnessed the same thing and none of us have any explanation, not even my mom who is a skeptic about things like this.”


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