Last Scuba Course Before Summer at Sault Scuba!


Have you ever been curious about what adventures lay beneath the water in our Naturally Gifted area? Have you experienced a touch of jealousy while on vacation down in the Caribbean as you witnessed boats filled with fellow tourists heading out to explore tropical reefs and their inhabitants?

diving-fresh-waterHaving held my Scuba Diver Certification since my late teens, I’ve been fortunate enough to experience a variety of underwater adventures both here in the Sault area as well as throughout the Caribbean. Fresh Water Diving in our area can reward you with a number of interesting geological formations, fish, marine life, wrecks and even the remnants of a long forgotten community submerged to build a hydro dam. As close as the Upper St. Mary’s River, a mere few minutes away, you can spend a few hours exploring a number of ship and plane wrecks as well as hunt for neat rocks of all formations and colours.

diving-reefWhile on trips to the Caribbean, I’ve had numerous adventures experiencing both shallow and deep water dives. I have fond memories, not to mention numerous underwater photos and videos, of a large variety of salt water coral and marine life of all shapes, sizes and colours. Barracudas, tortugas (sea turtles), lobsters, nurse sharks and rays to name a few. I have even dove the “wall” in several countries where the sea floor simply disappears down to the abyss called the Caribbean trench.

Whether a youth, adult or simply enjoying retirement, almost anyone can learn how to Scuba Dive. Recreational “Sport” Diving can be both affordable and safe once you receive proper instruction and certification.

Colleen over at Sault Scuba Centre has informed us that she will be running one more course before the summer. If you’re at all interested in this fantastic sport, take the time to give her a call at (705) 256-8015 or stop by Sault Scuba Centre located at 102 Northern Ave. The course will start mid April and she only teaches 12 students at a time. All you have to do to guarantee a spot is fill out a short application and provide a small deposit.

You can also visit Sault Scuba Centre on the web at:

See you in the water!