Mike Mantha’s Statement on Ring of Fire

Mike Mantha
Mike Mantha, MPP Algoma—Manitoulin

“ An economic opportunity the size of the Ring of Fire requires strong action and planning from government, not inaction and broken promises. Northerners have seen Liberals make grand announcements before and then seen those same plans fall through.

“The Liberal government has had over five years to come to the table, with not only funding for infrastructure, but a real plan for the Ring of Fire that benefits First Nations and Northern communities, creates jobs, and tackles infrastructure and the high price of electricity. But instead of a plan that could create an estimated 5,500 jobs annually, this government stood by as companies walked away from Ontario.

“More money for infrastructure in the Ring of Fire sure sounds like a good step forward but Northerners are tired of broken promises, and are worried this investment is coming too late.”

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