Orazietti On National Day of Mourning

David Orazietti - Sault Ontario MPP

Each year on the National Day of Mourning, our province joins with other jurisdictions around the world to pay tribute to workers who have been injured or killed on the job.

The Day of Mourning was proclaimed by an Act of Parliament on February 1, 1991. It is a day to keep in our hearts and minds the Ontarians whose lives have been forever changed by a workplace accident or death.

As a government, we are working hard to prevent injuries and fatalities in the workplace.

Together, we are making progress.

We have doubled the number of health and safety enforcement officers in the province and injury rates are down 30%.

Since 2007, we have increased injured workers’ benefits by nearly ten per cent since 2007. In contrast, during the 12 years before our government took action, benefits increased by a mere 2.9 percent while inflation rose by 29 percent.

Our government has created the province’s first ever Chief Prevention Officer, as well as launched a province-wide occupational health and safety strategy developed with input from labour, employers, injured workers and community groups.

We will continue to work with our industry and community partners prevent injuries and build safe and productive workplaces for all Ontarians.