Please Do Not Park On City Streets Until April 30th


The City of Sault Ste. Marie Public Works and Transportation Department (PWT) is asking residents to refrain from parking on city streets and roadways, whenever possible, during the day and overnight until April 30 in order to continue with its snow removal program.

“City Works crews are working to remove the snow and ice that we still have on our roadways; however, the presence of parked cars on streets is making this process difficult. I would ask residents to please assist us by keeping their vehicles parked in their driveways and off the streets, whenever possible,” says Larry Girardi, Commissioner, Public Works and Transportation.

The City reminds residents that notwithstanding any other provision of Traffic By-law 77-200, no person shall park or stand a vehicle on a street in such a manner as to interfere with the movement of traffic or clearing of snow from the street (Section 8).

The Public Works and Transportation Department appreciates the cooperation of citizens with this request.

For more information, contact PWT at 705-759-5201.