Some Very Happy Wildlife

Bruce Clement /

As everyone celebrated the long Easter weekend, I couldn’t help by notice that we weren’t the only ones that seemed excited about finally getting a bit of nice weather.

I found myself having to take a last minute trip to Elliot Lake this past Saturday and after grabbing a quick breakfast at Chumy’s, pulled out the shades and hit the highway. It wasn’t long before I couldn’t help but notice the abundance of both resident and returning wildlife all around me. The Osprey nests perched high ontop of the power lines along the new four lane stretch were all occupied with soon to be parents warming themselves in the early morning sun. From Laird all the way through to the Iron Bridge area, fields were finally exposing last year’s grasses which seemed to be attracting an abundance of resident White Tail Deer as well as returning Canadian Geese and Sandhill Cranes.

At one spot near Iron Bridge, I even came across a group of normally timid Turkey Vultures feeding on a Racoon who wasn’t lucky enough to make it across the highway. Having lived in the Sault area since birth, I don’t ever recall seeing these birds up this far prior to the last few years. They are a fairly large bird, not the most attractive, but still quite interesting to observe. I’ve even noticed there were quite a few more Bald Eagles soaring through the skies too.

The following are a few shots I took along the way for those interested. And yes… the White Tail Deer towards the end of the gallery was sticking its tongue out at me!!!

If you would like to share some photos you’ve taken of wildlife in our Naturally Gifted Area, simply email them to [email protected] and we’d be happy to post them on your behalf.


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