Tour of Doodie


It’s that time of year again, when the sun starts to warm us up after a long winter. The snow beings to melt and many pet owners begin to discover a few little “treasures” left behind in the back yard. That being Dog Poop.

Not exactly a spring clean up most of us like to do. Enter Ben Date. The 15 year old grade 10 student at Superior Heights High School sees dollars in that poop.

Date started up his own little business this spring called, “Tour of Doodie”

“I clean up after my own dogs and it’s pretty gross but I don’t get paid for it. I thought that there’s probably a lot of other people that don’t like picking up after their dogs and that they would probably be willing to pay for a service that did. Starting my own business also seemed like the best way to schedule when I work around my academics and extracurricular activity.” Date tells SaultOnline.

Pricing depends on the size or breed of the dog, number of dogs and the size of the yard. “I’m giving individual quotes. I can’t haul away at this time but I use heavy duty garbage bags and double them up. I can try to come and clean up as close as possible to the customer’s garbage day and I can leave the bags on the curb for garbage pick-up.”

Landfill disposal is the only option for dog waste in Sault Ste. Marie. Composting places won’t take dog poop because it’s a health hazard to people and to the environment. “It’s pretty gross stuff all around.” Date said.

“I know some people who just rake it into their gardens and they’re putting their health in serious jeopardy. The best thing to do with dog poop is to pick it up, bag it and get rid of it.”

As with any new business start-up, getting the word out about the new service can be tricky.

“Cleaning up poop is pretty easy. The hard part is getting the word out about my business.”

Date said, right now he’s targeting the service as a seasonal one but it could turn into something more.

“I’m just trying this out as spring clean-up. If I get enough interest I might be willing to consider taking on a few yards for weekly clean ups and maybe even look at hiring some other students to help with the work.”

The teen entrepreneur isn’t afraid of work and aims to attend college in the future.

“I hope to one day make it into the Royal Military College of Canada and serve my country through the Canadian Forces. I work very hard in school and on my physical fitness to ensure my dream may come true.”

For now though, Date is focusing on his new service. For those interested you can message Ben on his Facebook Page or call 705-975-1332 for a quote.

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