Are You Prepared For This?


Do you know how many litres of water you should store per person per day,as part of your emergency survival kit? Where is the safest place to take shelter during a tornado? This week , May 5 – 10 , 2014 is Emergency Preparedness Week –a perfect
opportunity to learn how we can be better prepared should an emergency or disaster strike our community.
Think about a major storm, or a chemical spill. This type of disaster could affect our water supply, and cut electricity and phone service for days. What would you do to keep you and your family safe?
When thousands are impacted by a disaster situation, resources can be overwhelmed and residents
should not expect a response within hours it could be days. That is why it is critical for individuals
and families to take steps to prepare themselves to meet their own needs for a minimum of 72 hours in the event of an emergency.
There are three simple steps we can take to help prepare ourselves and our families:

1. Know the risks in your community;

2. Have a plan in place so each family member understands what to do in an emergency ; and

3. Develop an emergency preparedness kit with sufficient supplies including: non-perishable food,
water, a manual can opener, flashlights and radios, cash in small bills,a first aid kit, and special items like diapers or medications.

If you want to learn more on what to do and how to be prepared for an emergency situation, the public is invited to talk to the experts at the 3rd Annual Emergency Preparedness Showcase and BBQ event taking place 3p.m. on May 10 at the Walart north (Second Line/ Great Northern Road store)

A variety of exhibitors included first responders, and corporate and non-profit organizations will be on site with demonstrations, equipment displays and free giveaways. Kids can climb into the Ballistic Armoured TacticalVehicle, explore the equipment stored in a HAZMAT trailer, test their skills as an amateur radio operator and learn how to assemble an emergency shelter cot.