Bear Sighting on Panoramic Drive

May 10th 2014 - Fifth Line

It’s Spring and that means there’s a lot of hungry bears looking for food. Bears, mainly Mothers and her cubs have been spotted in various areas of the city for the last several weeks.

Police attended in the 200 block of Panoramic Drive regarding a bear sighted in the backyard. On attending found that the bear had retreated to the bush area.

Authorities remind the public that if you do encounter a bear, to leave it alone, keep garbage and pet food inside. In most cases the bear will roam off. (photo from a bear sighting on fourth line a few weeks ago)


If you haven’t had the opportunity to visit the MNR’s Bear Wise website yet, there are valuable tips on how to avoid attracting bears. You can also report any bear related problems via the website or calling the Bear Wise Reporting Line which is available from April 1st to November 30th.

MNR Bear Wise