Has The Canal Become a Death Trap?


A recent visit to the Parks Canada Historic Canal Site pretty well sums up what’s been going on down there for several years. Basically, nothing. At least for a portion of the park and canal area.

Saultonline.com was tipped off about a sign posted near the area of the swing bridge and road leading to thePARKS-CANADA-CANAL-2 end of the pier. There, the sign posted as a disclaimer warns people of the “natural hazards” and the risk of injury resulting in death.  Not very welcoming to say the least.  Then again, that’s the point and at this point we can’t even confirm who posted the sign in the first place.

A representative at Parks Canada told Saultonline.com that the sign in question is being addressed and that it has been up for about four years, but wasn’t sure. Nor was the employee confident in stating who posted the sign. “It doesn’t appear to be one that we would post.”

Saultonline.com placed a call with the communications officer with Parks Canada to see if she could shed some light into the sign and why it was posted. The call has not be returned as of yet.

Meanwhile, the park does look like it has been neglected over the years. Some of that Conservative Infrastructure money could have gone a long way to improve the appearance of the park. A concern of city council over the years, the less than welcoming esthetics of the canal area, for a city that touts tourism as a big part of its economic engine the canal area is anything but a tourist destination. The once beautiful park and canal area used by many over the years has now become a danger if entered.

Surely, there’s an explanation of why the park has been allowed to decay and what is the end game for this area now that plans for the former St. Mary’s Paper site seem to be moving along? We await the answers.



  1. Some have wondered what happens if someone got hurt in/around the canal area that’s posted as dangerous, would OHIP cover any injury treatment? The Ministry of Health and Long Term Care says hospital or a provider’s office treatment would be covered. So that’s good news. But, would an ambulance pick up you up if required? The sign says, “There is no emergency response.” What does that mean? And would an ambulance travel on a road that is posted as closed, as it is at the canal? Awaiting that answer.

  2. The state of the once lovely lock’s property is disgusting. This seems to be another dropped ball by the Federal Government who are too busy covering up their incompetence and lavishing tax payer’s money on any foreign hell hole that may buy them a few votes here. We can’t elect a party leader but we should first and foremost elect someone for the Sault that represents our citizens not their leaders welfare. Art you hit the nail on the head, with this Government, no one seems to know anything.

  3. Unbelievable that Parks Canada don’t know who/when four signs were posted on their property. Astounding they would say that. There is also a sign that says Road Closed so it seems part of the site is actually closed. Where was the public consultation process and why wasn’t a proper advisory circulated? What about the lock? Will it operate this season or will a sign just appear and will it be closed too? Taxpayers are looking for answers.

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