Celia Ross Proud to Receive Endorsement of Labour Council


NDP Candidate in Sault Ste. Marie, Celia Ross, celebrated the news of the endorsement from the Sault Ste. Marie and District Labour Council on Friday.

I’m thrilled to have the Labour Council’s support, said Ross. The support reflects New Democrats’ commitment to reform labour legislation to ensure that the rights of working Ontarians are protected. The Liberals have done nothing to level the playing field and have left labour relations pretty much where Mike Harris left them.

New Democrats will reform labour laws to restore the balance in labour relations so that hard working Ontarians are given a fair deal at work. An NDP government would also end the WSIB benefit cutbacks to injured workers and give all workers a legal right to organize. New Democrats were also the only party to stand with Ontario’s educators against the draconian Bill 115 that attacked educators’ right to collective bargaining.

The Labour Council is made up of delegates from all labour organizations across Sault Ste. Marie and surrounding municipalities. The Labour Council promotes community economic development and social justice for all workers and their families, both working and retired.


  1. I just read a couple of interesting takes on politics in the Sault Star, one on the NDP and the others on the Liberals. One was on the sinking of support for the NDP and proposed that it was due to moving too far right and the other was for forcing an election at this time. The other was a poll on Kathleen Wynne’s comment when asked if she would join with another party (NDP) to form a government. She stated that she would do what was required to maintain a government not ruling that out. The poll asked Ontarians if they agreed or disagreed with this and the response was 95% against joining with the NDP. I think it’s a good thing for Celia that the Labour Council have thrown their support behind her. I suspect that those 20 or 30 odd votes will help. They appear to be much braver than Sid Ryan who had a letter in todays paper warning of the dangers of electing Hudak of the 100,000. cuts and the million job additions. Why not save all that agro and settle for 900,000. new jobs? lol

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