Cold Summer Forecast For The Sault


It really shouldn’t come as any surprise, but any hopes for a hot summer have now been dashed. made their summer 2014 forecast and it doesn’t look good for Thunder Bay, Toronto or Sault Ste. Marie.

Forecasters say the entire eastern portion of the country will see cooler or wetter conditions for June and July though areas near the Great Lakes such as the Sault will see even cooler conditions.

“A persistent dip in the jet stream across central and eastern Canada will lead to an increase of cool spells in the region, especially during June and July. In addition to the jet stream pattern, the record extent of ice coverage over the Great Lakes this spring has delayed the normal warming of the lakes.” reports, Brett Anderson, AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist

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But now let’s look on the bright side. For instance, with the high cost of electricity you’ll able able to give your A/C a break and your pocketbook. The second half of the summer looks like it might rebound to more typical Summer weather and last into September , but that’s still too far away and could likely change.