David Orazietti Tells it Like It Is


During a chat with David Orazietti, he told Sault Online what he and the Liberal Party think the main issues are in the election and also talked about the problems Sault Ste. Marie is having with the quality of the water and the condition of our streets.

While the Provincial Government hands over dollars to the city to use as they see fit, our roads, water quality, downtown area, and even the Civic Centre seem to be crumbling and in need of much work. City Council seems to be deflecting it to the wrong areas of need. EDC, bike paths, Pumptrack, leash-free dog park, and PUC buildings seem to be getting the majority of the money while our streets become one big pothole and our water quality heads toward a possible “Walkerton” mess. The following is part of an article by the CBC from their archives:
“Polluted water kills four in Walkerton

In May 2000, bacteria seeped into Walkerton’s town well. The deadly E. coli then slipped quietly through a maze of pipes and into the homes of Walkerton, Ont. Unsuspecting residents thirstily drank the polluted water and bathed in their bacteria-ridden tubs. But soon after, they began experiencing common symptoms of infection; bloody diarrhea and throbbing cramps. Seven people would eventually die and another 1286 would fall ill. The investigation which followed exposed an alarmingly unstable waterworks system made fragile by government cuts.”

When you vote in this election, keep in mind that there is another election coming in October and that one is just as important as this one, if not more so. Before you put the X on the ballot, think about why you are making that choice.