Demolition of East End Suncor Tank Farm Underway


While driving on McNabb Street earlier today, I couldn’t help but notice a very unfamiliar sound emanating from the area. The only comparisons that came to mind were, I either stumbled upon an epic light sabre battle underway, or someone was attempting to use a large piece of tin to mimic thunder.

My curiosity got the best of me and I found myself taking the first opportunity available to turn around. I followed the sounds back to Suncor’s East End Tank Farm, adjacent to New North Fuels, where I witnessed a large excavator with a massive sheer attached proceeding to first cut a section of a tank vertically before repositioning itself to effortlessly peel away a section of one of the large fuel storage tanks. A second snip, and off to the pile the section went.

I had the opportunity to speak with a site safety worker who advised that Suncor had contracted Quantum Murray Demolition Services to demolish the decommissioned storage tanks. He was kind enough to take a minute to explain the sequence of cuts and tears the large machine was so effortlessly making. It was an awesome sight, one you normally would only get the opportunity to see on a National Geographic documentary.

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