You Don’t Need to Travel to See Exotic Birds!


Having always been a nature nut, I usually have a camera ready in hopes of capturing landscapes and wildlife while traveling around our local area or on vacation. Over the years I’ve been lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit various destinations in the U.S. and Caribbean always awestruck by some of the beautiful birds found in Southern regions.

Over the past several years I’ve found out that you don’t have to travel at all to observe some of most beautiful birds nature has to offer. In fact, many can be found right in our own backyards! By doing a bit of research, you can not only help them out in the Winter months by providing feed when their natural selections are poor, you’ll be surprised at how many varieties of beautiful birds that live around our Naturally Gifted Area.

For those of you who are nature nuts like me; who enjoy capturing shots of both landscapes and wildlife found in our area, I’ve created a SaultSocial Group called Naturally Gifted. This group is dedicated to showing off just how beautiful nature is in our area.

Please feel free to join the group, create albums to share your photos and videos as well as participate in discussions.

American GoldfinchAmerican Goldfinch – Despite reading that this beautiful yellow bird is a summer resident, I’ve observed them at my feeder almost year round.

Purple FinchPurple Finch – More red than purple, they also love oil seed and have been seen at the feeder almost all year round.

Blue JayBlue Jay – Very beautiful blue plumage, accented with white and black. Despite being a very attractive bird, they are far from being musically talented.

Evening GrosbeakEvening Grosbeak – Seen from Spring to Fall, these medium sized birds rival some of the most beautiful exotic birds found South of us.

Rose-breasted GrosbeakRose-breasted Grosbeak – Smaller than the Evening Grosbeak, this beautiful black, white and red bird is declining across it’s ranges to the South of us but each year I seem to be observing more and more of them showing up at my feeder.

For more photos, or to share some of yours… simply visit the SaultSocial Group Naturally Gifted here.