Floods and Wash Out Concerns For Highway 101


Ontario New Democrat candidate Michael Mantha spoke to the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) Ontario Monday in response to the severe flooding along highway 101.

“Highway 101 is a critical transportation route in Northeastern Ontario. This road connects communities like Chapleau, Foleyet, and Timmins to critical services. This tragedy requires immediate attention to get these communities back up and running.” Mantha said.

On May 9th, Highway 101 suffered 2 separate major floods, one in Black Creek, the other in Moonshine, Ontario. The washout is causing a major transportation disruption in the entire region.

“This isn’t the first time we have seen disruptions and delays for motorists due to flooding and road damage. We need to ensure that MTO takes these issues seriously to prevent any future delays. After speaking with MTO, Mayor and council and local residents, I can confirm that visual assessments by the MTO have been completed and local contractors were expected to begin repair efforts this afternoon. The situation is critical. We must act now.” Mantha asserted.

Michael Mantha was first elected in 2011 for the riding of Algoma – Manitoulin. Mantha is currently running for re-election.
Photos: Courtesy Mike Mantha Facebook