Ten People Rounded Up By City Police For Great Algoma Lock Up


About ten unexpected people got the shock of their lives today when they were arrested by City Police.

Their crimes ranged from laughing too much at work to always using a red pen.

It was all part of a return of the Great Algoma Lock-Up – a fundraising event for Crime Stoppers of Sault Ste. Marie and Algoma.

The suspect were rounded up all day starting at 8am Thursday morning, just as they were heading into work. “They came up and arrested me, I was shocked” Janet Prichard said as we sat in the prison cell.

To get out the suspects must call on friends and family and anyone else they know to make a donation. Each arrested person must raise $500 to get out of jail.

Crime Stoppers invite all companies, businesses, service clubs, and institutions to participate in exchange for a donation, have someone within it’s ranks “arrested” on humorous charges in keeping with the individual’s distinctive characteristics, personality traits, mannerisms or reputation within the organization.

Actual police officers arrive at the establishment of the “suspect”, complete with uniforms, guns, hand-cuffs, patrol car lights flashing and sirens sounding!

“Crime Stoppers decided to bring back the Great Algoma Lock Up at the request of the community,” says Kendra Aderson from Crime Stoppers told Saultonline news. “This fundraiser uses theatrics and comedy to raise money for the Crime Stoppers program.” Crime Stoppers President Len Bailey said.

The funds raised through the Great Algoma Lock Up will assist to:

  • RECOVER stolen property
  • REMOVE vast amounts of narcotics and weapons from our streets
  • SAVE hundreds of investigative hours
  • APPREHEND, prosecute and convict criminals
  • FUND our program in general

The event was held in partnership with Station Mall that was home to the prison cell and the White Pines CVS – Integrated Arts and Culture program.