Horwath launches a plan that makes sense for Northerners: Ross

Andrea Horwath NDP

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath has launched her party’s platform for Northern Ontario, saying Northerners want a plan that speaks to their priorities and makes sense.

“Voters do not want to re-elect a corrupt Liberal party that wasted billions of tax dollars on scandals to fix their own political problems while Northerners are left to pay skyrocketing electricity prices,” said Horwath.

“Our plan focuses on the priorities that Northerners told us were important to them like: making sure local resources are used to create local jobs, better health care and helping making life more affordable.”

“This election Ontarians have a choice, they don’t have to endorse a corrupt Liberal party or Tim Hudak’s nonsensical plan to add 100,000 people to the unemployment rolls, ” said Celia Ross, candidate for Sault Ste. Marie.

Highlights of the platform include:

· Meeting the energy needs of Northern Ontario by exploring options for the Thunder Bay Generating Station
· Widening 30 km of highway in Northern Ontario each year
· Investing in Ring of Fire infrastructure now to create jobs and promote revenue-sharing with communities and First Nations
· Implementing a strong “Buy Ontario” policy to create jobs by taking advantage of transit investment needs
· Re-instating passenger service for the Northlander
· Investing in forestry and the mining industry by rewarding companies that create jobs and make investments with tax credits
· Getting First Nation communities off diesel and connect them to the grid

“For 10 long years the Liberals have put corruption and scandal ahead of the priorities of Northerners, our plan is the only one that respects the priorities of hard working families and will deliver results,” said Ross.