Horwath Misleads Voters: Orazietti


Provincial NDP Blocked Appointment to Financial Accountability Office, Stalled Legislation to Lower Auto Insurance Premiums

The provincial NDP have triggered a costly and unnecessary provincial election. Two key reasons the NDP used to force the election are their claims that the provincial Liberals have not acted to appoint a Financial Accountability Officer or lower auto insurance rates in Ontario. However in attempting to mislead Ontarians, the NDP failed to mention a few important facts.

“The NDP tout the importance of a provincial Financial Accountability Officer, but they have consistently rejected qualified candidates for the position causing further delay,” said David Orazietti, Sault Ste. Marie Liberal Party candidate. “They claim to support lowering auto insurance rates, but they have no plan to do so and vote against proposals that would save drivers money.”

The NDP blocked the appointment of two qualified candidates to the Financial Accountability Office and demanded a restart of the hiring process. The hiring of the Financial Accountability Officer is the responsibility of an all-party committee, and the NDP brought the hiring process to a halt in April when they withheld support for any of the applicants.

In refusing to support the 2014 Ontario Budget, the NDP are also jeopardizing the government’s plans to further reduce insurance premiums. Over the last eight months, auto insurance rates in the province have decreased on average by nearly 6%, and Ontario Liberals were on track to reduce premiums by 15% by August 2015. The NDP voted against legislation that would have sent rates even lower.

In fact, a Private Member’s Bill introduced by NDP, MPP Jagmeet Singh would, if passed, increase drivers insurance rates in Sault Ste. Marie by as much as 30% by subsidizing auto insurance premiums paid by Toronto drivers.

“The NDP have not been clear with the public with respect to their reasons for calling this election,” said Orazietti. “This is another example of the NDP putting politics ahead of people and making an election issue out of a process that was well underway until they began dragging their feet. Ontarians deserve better than the political games the NDP are playing.”