Horwath says Northerners Deserve a Government That Makes Sense


Andrea Horwath, Leader of Ontario’s New Democrats, says the Liberal budget has failed Northern Ontario families, and she has lost confidence in the Liberal government amid mounting scandal and waste and that it’s time for change.

“The Liberal budget is a mad dash to escape scandal by promising the anything and everything,” said Horwath. “Just last week the Liberals were promising the moon and the stars with a $1 billion commitment to the Ring of Fire, but it turns out that Northern Ontario will have to wait because the Liberal government would rather have a fight with Ottawa than get this project under way.”

Horwath noted that the budget does not address important issues in the North like winter road maintenance, the future of the Northlander, or Northern infrastructure investment. Additionally the budget has no plan to address sky-rocketing hydro rates, a major factor for mills and mines, and has no mention of forestry.

The last-ditch budget comes after the Liberals failed to deliver results on a series of promises made in the previous year’s budget such as cutting home care wait times, or setting up a Financial Accountability Office.

“Families in Northern Ontario action, not just aspirations. They deserve safe roads, jobs Families deserve a government that will respect people’s tax dollars, make life more affordable, create jobs, and stand up for the middle class. People deserve a government that makes sense.”