Hudak Finally Gets a Candidate In The Sault


Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak congratulated Rod Fremlin on his nomination as the Ontario PC candidate for Sault Ste. Marie. Hudak commended his dedication to making northern Ontario a more attractive place for business investment and job creation.

“Rod understands the priorities for a brighter future and the urgent need to create the private sector jobs that will lead Ontario back to prosperity,” said Hudak.

“While the McGuinty-Wynne Liberals continue to deepen Ontario’s economic crisis, the Ontario PC Party has a plan to create new jobs and rein in government spending.”

“Kathleen Wynne doesn’t care about northern jobs. She’s more interested in saving Liberal jobs in the south than ours,” said Fremlin.

“The NDP aren’t any better. They supported the Liberals over us so they could benefit. But they are unrealistic, unaffordable and unprepared. Ontario needs new leadership and a new direction to make the necessary decisions to get our economy back on track.”

Fremlin noted Tim Hudak’s Million Jobs Plan will:

Produce more jobs and increase take-home pay through lower taxes and less debt

Ensure affordable energy that will create jobs, not eliminate them.

Train more skilled workers to meet the demand in trades, and help young people find good jobs.

Increase trade with our neighbours.

End the bureaucratic runaround that inhibits job creation.

Rod Fremlin retired in December 2011 after 28 years with Sault Ste. Marie Fire Services and is currently a building contractor.

Born and raised in the Echo Bay region, Fremlin is married to Cynthia and has three children.

He is also a member of the Matthews Memorial Hospital Association board of directors.

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  1. I have known Rod for years and he is a great fellow. That said, other than being related to a strong local P.C. family I have to wonder what qualifications he believes he possesses ? Possibly we will hear about that during the campaigning

  2. Just talked with PC HQ about my concerns posted above.PC Tim Hudak did not want to have a parachute candidate in the riding.Rod Fremlin was chosen for the reason he is from the area.
    We now need to get Rod Fremlin elected to Queen’s Park .

  3. As member of the Ontario PC Party when did this nomination take place? There was no meeting of the Sault PC Riding Association to have members vote on this candidate.This is wrong and as a PC Party member demand that a riding association meeting be held to field other possible candidates for this riding.Party leader Tim Hudak should not be appointing candidates they should be voted by the members of the Riding Association.

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