Major Damage In Trunk Road Crash


At approximately 07:26 this morning officers attended a Motor Vehicle Collision on Trunk Road at Boundary Rd. involving two vehicles.

The driver of the westbound vehicle left the scene on foot and began walking on the train tracks westbound. The driver was apprehended and arrested by police and transported to hospital with non-life threatening injuries. It is alleged that 27 year old Yolanda Trudeau of 50 Ferguson Avenue had care and control of a motor vehicle while her ability to do so was impaired. Subsequent tests also incurred a charge of having care and control having exceeded the legal limit of alcohol in her blood.

It is alleged that the vehicle driven by Trudeau proceeded westbound on Trunk Rd. through a red light at Boundary Rd. and struck a second vehicle turning eastbound from Boundary to Trunk. The second vehicle, a truck towing a trailer, sustained major damage to the trailer and 2 ATV’s it was carrying. The driver and passenger were not injured.


  1. This is NOT WHAT HAPPENED….I KNOW…I WAS THERE and I HAVE THE VIDEO DASH CAM FOOTAGE TO PROVE EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED……i have the video proof from my dash cam….i was the one who chased down the drunk, Yolanda Trudeau, I was the one who performed a Citizen’s Arrest and detained Trudeau until local police could get to the scene which was approx 20 minutes later….my dash cam caught everything….And you know,,,,even after assisting local police, giving them a copy of the accident, my video dash cam footage, not even a formal thank you for my help in catching a drunk driver attempting to flee the scene from our”police force”…..I did not do it for fame or glory…it was a impluse to help someone who needed help…I would expect the same had i been the victim of a drunk driver….This is not my first time helping when help was needed….in the 1990’s….i saved a dog hit and left for dead on McNabb Street….a few years back, yet again, another dog hit by a motorised was left for dead accross from Belleview Park on Queen…both times the animals lived….I think a note of thanks would be nice as this incident was like it was swept under the rug….the police it sound like they were on scene and apprehended the drunk….THAT IS NOT THE TRUTH!!

    send me an email, at [email protected] if you want video footage of the truth

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