Midway Wraps Up, Summer Weather Moves In


The Pee Wee Midway just can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to weather. The annual carnival that helps to support Pee Wee Hockey normally faces rain and cool temperatures for their 10 day stay each May and this year was no exception. Keep in mind we still had snow on the ground just a month ago!

Brie Kuzemchuk

The carnival did see some happy weather however and as it moves out after closing this Sunday night, cue the warmth and the sun to move in.

In fact next week we could see slightly above normal temperatures in the low to middle 20’s.

Things start to warm up nicely starting Saturday with temperatures in the 21c range and it gets warmer from there.

Expect to see temperatures and plenty of sun develop early next week – though we might see some scattered showers along the way. Normal temperatures for this time of year fall in the 18c range while overnight lows should dip to 5c

The lowest temperature recorded on this date was -3.9c in 1963 while the warmest temperature recorded was a very hot 31.8c in 1980.

The long range forecast still calls for a trend of cooler than normal temperatures through to August, so this coming week will be very much appreciated.