NDP Put 1,349 Jobs at Risk in Sault Ste. Marie : Orazietti


In blocking the 2014 Ontario Budget, the NDP have triggered a costly and unnecessary election, putting local jobs at risk and jeopardizing the gains that have been in Sault Ste. Marie in the areas of health care, education, and other vital public services relied on by families, announced David Orazietti, Liberal candidate.

“The NDP do not have a serious plan to move Sault Ste. Marie and Ontario forward,” said Orazietti. “On top of this, they are recklessly exposing Sault residents to the possibility of deep PC cuts, which will have a drastic impact on our city.”

A recent report released by the Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL) projected that the local impact of Hudak’s plan to eliminate 100,000 public sector jobs in the province will result in 1,349 job losses in Sault Ste. Marie. See specific community job losses here:


Previously, OFL President Sid Ryan, a three time provincial NDP candidate, indicated his support for the 2014 Ontario Liberal budget plan: “From labour’s perspective I can’t see any reason why we would run away from this budget and run the risk of allowing Mr. Hudak into the premier’s seat,” said Ryan. “We think this is a progressive budget and we think it should be supported.”

Other high level NDP members are also distressed by the party’s approach to the election: “We were angry when you voted against the most progressive budget in recent Ontario history,” stated a letter to NDP Leader Andrea Horwath, signed by 34 high profile Ontario NDP members. A copy of the full letter can be found at the following link:


In addition to failing to address many of the key issues that matter to Ontarians in their platform, by forcing an election over the Budget, the NDP are potentially exposing Ontarians to PC Leader Tim Hudak’s agenda of deep cuts and job losses.

“Our government has made significant investments to strengthen public services and protect jobs in our city, and the NDP have irresponsibly put these jobs at risk,” said Orazietti. “Our budget plan has broad support, reflects the priorities of Ontarians and will help to keep our community moving forward.”


  1. Just back from a meet and greet for Kathleen Wynne at The Holiday Inn Express where Ms. Wynne re-inforced David Orazietti’s comments. We have to get by Dalton’s gas plant fiasco and support the only leader who has a positive plan for Ontario. Electing an NDP government would bring us another disaster but that would pale to electing a Hudak government. Our M.P.P. David Orazietti , through the Ontario Liberal government has made huge contributions to our local economy through support for Health care, Education and Private sector business support to name a few. Wynne also re-iterated that OLG would stay in Sault Ste Marie under her government. The Sault need not shoot it’s self in the foot again by not supporting the Provincial Liberals

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