“Open Schools” plan strengthens schools and community: NDP’s Celia Ross


NDP candidate for Sault Ste. Marie, Celia Ross, said NDP Leader Andrea Horwath’s Open Schools plan will act as a safeguard to prevent the closure of local schools.

“The Open Schools fund lets families in Sault Ste. Marie know their local schools will remain open,” Ross said. “School closures do not make sense for communities or families. The Open Schools fund is designed to protect our local schools, like Étienne Brulé, and support our communities.”

The Open Schools fund will be available to local school boards and will also aid in renovations, re-purposing of existing space and ensure schools will be available for use by students, families and the community in the evening and weekends.

“The Open Schools plan is about making families, education and community participation a real priority. It’s time for a government that acknowledges keeping schools open is key to a healthy and vibrant community.”


  1. I always love to hear from someone who doesn’t personally use a service, complaining about what others are doing with this service. Celia’s son was sent to a private school in Southern Ontario as I expect she felt that local schools didn’t make the grade. It’s not so much the complaints about what others have done to the best of their ability that I feel Is wrong. It is the only answer they have to improve the situation is to throw more taxpayer’s money at it. I suppose Politicians do jump on hot button issues but since the NDP forced this expensive election I would have thought they would have put more thought into what they would do instead of just playing the blame game.

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