Orazietti Responds To NDP Attacks


The gloves are off in the 2014 Provincial election locally.

Sault Ste. Marie Liberal incumbent MPP David Orazietti responds to statements made last week from Celia Ross, NDP candidate in the June 12 Provincial election. Saultonline.com provides equal time to David Orazietti for his rebuttal.


  1. Rural residents are getting nailed badly, they are charging not only ridiculous prices for energy with their stupid (unnecessary) time of use crap, but charging about 70% of the cost of the power used, for delivering it, e.g. If you use $300 in power they will tack on approx. $210 for delivering it from the road to your house, then after debt retirement, regulatory charges, add on their wonderful HST, (that was supposed to be abolished) and, that shouldn’t be on power or heating fuels at all to start with.
    Don’t even get me started on the multi-billions on unneeded windmills.
    It’s time for a change, the Libs need to go.
    David O. should be ashamed to be affiliated with such crooks that squander billions without consequence.

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