Parks Canada Responds To Danger Signs


Parks Canada has responded to an article published by earlier this week concerning signs posted at the historic park warning people of danger in parts of the canal park.

“The signs in question were posted at the Sault Ste. Marie Canal at the end of the last two operating seasons, to discourage vehicular traffic from accessing the road to the west of the train tracks for public safety reasons. They contain standard messages that are used across the country at Parks Canada sites to convey general visitor sPARKS-CANADAafety messaging about areas to which public access is not encouraged.” responded Robin Lessard Field Unit Superintendent Northern Ontario Parks Canada Agency.

Despite some criticism over the years concerning the upkeep of the area, Parks Canada will officially open for another season starting today.

Parks Canada did not indicate if the signs will be eventually removed and if any improvements were being planned to develop the area to make it safe for visitors. Lessard did outline improvements to the overall site.

“The Sault Ste. Marie Canal National Historic Site officially opens on May 16th . Interpretive programming will showcase the significant improvements made to the site over recent years, including infrastructure upgrades to the recreational lock that were part of a $2.6 million long-term strategy for the lock funded by the federal government’s Economic Action Plan.” Lessard said.

“Approximately $460,000 was invested in repairs and restoration over the past few years to the site’s iconic Powerhouse building, which now houses the visitor centre and gift shop. Most recently, significant improvements in excess of $700,000 have been made to the Administration Building.” Lessard added.

Last year over 138,000 people visited the Sault Ste. Marie Canal. “Parks Canada looks forward to continuing to protect and present the Sault Canal’s natural and cultural treasures, and to share this special place with current and future generations.”

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  1. The Federal Government is too busy spending 5 million plus monitoring the Ukraine election , against the best advice of their own and International experts. With this kind of a work load one can hardly expect them to know or care what is going on in Canada.

  2. There was some question about whether or not an ambulance would go past the Road Closed sign if there was a need. A spokesperson tells me, “I have inquired with our dispatch services about your question. According to them, we have not received any information regarding this area being closed to traffic as we normally do from agencies such as city board of works. They do not recognize the style of sign nor are they aware of who placed it there. Bottom line is, as far as we are concerned, if we receive a call for service in this area we will do the utmost to provide assistance to anyone who requires it.” So, a complete and helpful answer on ambulance response. But, the mystery remains: Who put those signs up and took some down (four signs originally and now three have been removed) and, why doesn’t Parks Canada know what’s going on?

  3. Art I knew you would be on them like a seasoned old news hound. I don’t suppose there is any point in asking our Bryan, as I expect he is far too busy doing zip? I occasionally run into Tom or some of the others from the Innovation Center and seems the place is thriving as we expected it would. Give a call as I can get away almost any day. G

  4. Stay on them Art. This Government has become synonymous with “incompetent” and “big spending” . That said your have your work cut out for you. They are also very hard to get an answer out of. We must have lunch again soon.

    • Greetings Grump and lunch anytime is good As an update, Sat May 17. Three of four signs advising of injury/death are removed, leaving one beside the Road Closed sign near the pillar of International bridge by the rail bridge. In response to a media question a few days ago, Parks Canada didn’t know who put the signs up. And so, maybe they don’t know who took them down either. In addition to the alarming signs that have yet to be explained, inquiring minds wonder who is putting them up and taking them down? If Parks Canada doesn’t know that, what else don’t they know about things that go on there? Here’s the person that should have the answers: The Honourable Leona Aglukkaq
      Minister of the Environment, who is in charge of Parks Canada. [email protected]

  5. A Parks Canada answer that really doesn’t answer the question. $3.75 million of our tax dollars spent on the site and it remains posted as dangerous. One wonders if an injury was incurred while one was on that location, would OHIP cover you? I sent the Ministry of Health that question. If your vehicle is on a road that’s posted as closed, does your insurance cover you if something happens?

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