Passport to Unity… A Taste of Unity


Sunday at the Essar Centre is the community’s favourite and longest standing Passport To Unity event. With over 30 Arts and Culture Vendors, 20 Food Vendors, 15 + Entertainers and 3,500+ guests – this is a day you DON’T want to miss!

There is something to be said about staying connected to your origins. For the past 7 years this one day at the Essar Centre has been the festival’s flagship event, and we run with the premise of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, just tinker”. Based on your feedback and input we look create an experience that stays with you and brings you back year after year. After all, we see a festival as living, breathing,  and ever evolving so we look to add and create new interactions for you.

This is a full day of entertainment, food, art, crafts, games, and fun for everyone. Come and celebrate, show us your culture, be proud of your origins because we sure are. This is a showcase of not just the diverse array of cultures that make up our great city and region; it is a platform to shine the light on the amazing talent and people that call Northern Ontario home.

You are invited to stay, share, learn, love, and laugh. You’ll have a blast!